Why trust us to make you money

We are experts in our field and will only ever invest when the time is right. This is what separates us from

the competition and why our strike rate is the best in the business. Complete dedication to each and every

investment and a love for making money are a small number of reasons why we come to work with a smile on our faces.

The vast majority of those in this industry bet with their heart or rush when finding their next investment and this is a recipe for disaster. This was me when I started out and although I am unhappy at my early set up, I wouldn’t have created the formula I have today if those events hadn’t happened!

Our forward thinking tech based setup keeps us on top and with our huge plans over the next 18 months, we will be looking to take our strike rate into the 90’s!!

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Our promises to you

  • We will NEVER spread our bets and our bet history will match yours
  • We win together and we lose together
  • All of our clients receive the information at the same time , giving everyone the same
    chance at the biggest price
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • no hard sell or pressure to buy
  • You are in charge of the investments you make
  • At least ONE investments per calendar month (3.3 average investments per month in 2021)
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  • Over 89% winning investments in 2021
  • 61 winning months from the last 76
  • All winnings are tax free and all budgets can take part
  • Quick wins, no long term investments tying money up for months or years

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