Auto Learning & Our Road Map

Our algorithm is being shadowed by our bots...once our system has proved it can hit our regular strike rate, we will release it to our clients. There is no investment service on the planet that will rival our ability to pick and provide profitable investments. s.

Never miss an investment as we take our tools to new levels. Releasing me from my 4 hours research a day will free my time up to make our services even better and make you more money. I will also have a lot more time to spend speaking with clients and reinforcing our relationship.

We not only plan for the immediate future, we plan ahead!

SUMMER 2021: Get our website launched and work closely with our team of developers on our client login area, app development and our own smart tech admin. We will also start the discussion on our AI and Auto Learning technology!

AUTUMN 2021: Finish the discussions and put our client login, smart tech admin, iOS and Android apps into development.

SPRING 2022: Launch client login and smart tech admin in BETA modes

EARLY SUMMER 2022: Launch iOS and Android apps with the client login areas and smart tech admin now out of BETA mode. Sound out small investments to build the client base.

AUTUMN 2022: Confirm the AI and Auto Learning software and start the build. Phase 2 of app build to include new features and improvements (including payments, delivery of investments and UX).

SUMMER 2023: Roll out BETA version of AI and Auto Learning plus app improvements. Seek investment with aggressive growth in mind.

AUTUMN 2023: Look at data provided on BETA version on AI and Auto Learning and see if the system has had enough time to beat my strike rate. Introduce Blockchain tech to the business with the use of several features including smart contracts and investment releases.

Winter 2023: Push AI and Learning into live mode removing BETA status. Seek large investment to continue aggressive growth

SUMMER 2024: Launch Blockchain tech with smart contracts and investment releases. Claim our stake as one of the most profitable investors in the world!!